Download Library Rotations

January 4, 2007

Ready for primetime – check out Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence in the insect horror classic, Phenomena, a.k.a. Creepers.

We pulled a few titles from the video download library as well, to make some room for new content in the pipeline. Mesmerized, Richard Diamond Private Eye, and Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde were removed from the library for the time being. They’ll be back soon enough. Hope everyone is having a great New Year.

Chaplin’s Classic – The Kid

May 10, 2005

We hope you found time to watch the original A Star is Born starring Janet Gaynor, who plays the hollywood dreamer – who arrives to Hollywood as Esther Blodgett and becomes mega star – Vicki Lester. Well – our next movie offering is Charlie Chaplin‘s The Kid, starring Uncle Fester. As a kid, Jackie Coogan was cute, with a full head of hair. While most remember him as Uncle Fester of the Addam’s Family with Carolyn Jones and John Astin – believe it or not, he was also famous for being married to this gorgeous pin-up girl, Betty Grable.

A Star is Born – Original!

April 29, 2005

Another new classic movie – the 1937 original A Star is Born, written and directed by William Wellman. This David O. Selnick production is slick, and the writers that contributed was good as gold. Robert Carson, Ben Hecht, Ring Lardner, Budd Schulberg and William Wellman.

Worth the view – the original A Star is Born.

Coming Attractions – May 2005

April 25, 2005

WOW – got some new mega media coming down the content pipeline. We’ll be providing a bunch more new streams, downloads and images. Get ready for hours and hours of new fun stuff to watch.

Coming Soon to LikeTelevision (arriving in May 2005) – David O. Selznik’s Hollywood classic on Hollywood behind the scenes – A Star is Born – which was nominated for SEVEN Academy Awards in 1937. You may have seen the 1954 version with Judy Garland – which was very good, or perhaps the version with Barbara Steisand and Kris Kristofferson, which was ok…. but William Wellman’s original version in 1937 just rocks – old school. Starring Janet Gaynor and Frederic March. And yes – it’s great movie, worth watching, charming, funny and entertaining.

And after that – we will be offering one of Charlie Chaplin‘s best films – The Kid. The film is directed by Charlie Chaplin, who stars as the tramp character. It also features Jackie Coogan as the loveable kid. Ring a bell? It should – Jackie Coogan grew up to be Uncle Fester on the Adam’s Family Tv Show.

Another literary classic comes to digital life at LikeTelevision in May. The Scarlet Pimpernel – perhaps the best novel about the French Revolution written by Baroness Emmuska Magdalena Rosalia Maria Josefa Barbara Orczy. (Read the book online). So what is a pimpernel you ask – well it is a flower, so a scarlet pimpernel is a red flower, which was the calling card of the hero, Sir Percy Blakeney who is the leader of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel – a group that fights against the Reign of Terror in Paris and helps save innocent people from getting killed by the brutal regime.

Yes… there will be more… but this should be enough to keep you busy. Go read the book – it will make the movie even more exciting.

New Fritz Lang Film

April 22, 2005

Fritz Lang was one of the greatest directors in film – and while he is perhaps best known for his German flavored films, especially Metropolis, his science gone bad silent epic and the kiddie killer thriller – M, Scarlet Street is also a must see if you are a film buff or a fan of this legendary director. The movie stars Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea. Yep – ready for you just in time for the weekend. We hope you enjoy the show.

National Rabbit Day

April 20, 2005

Well – what a surprise, as I was clearing my garden for this years crop of veggies – I found a nest of baby bunnies. And so did my dog and the neighbor’s dog too, which meant i had better find them a safe place or they were gonna be some Hausenpheffer (German Rabbit Stew – recipes ). And so I have been having a wonderful time with the baby bunnies – and watching them eagerly nurse on the eye dropper filled with my special rabbit formula has brought much needed smiles and laughs.

And April 20 – will always be remembered as the day a killer rabbit tried to kill the President of the United States of America. What? you do not remember that eerie day in 1979 – a day that set off a media feeding frenzy? Well – get with the program and read all about it. (pix too). By all means – check out the tribute page here – and the new USS Jimmy Carter attack submarine which saved Jimmy’s skin.

And so – we declared today to be – National Rabbit Day. Here’s some media clips you might wanna watch to celebrate our Leporine Laugh Fest. Giant Jack Rabbit – Granny thinks a kangeroo is a Texas sized rabbit – and she wants to have it for dinner (vittles – which in this case, is Hillbilly for Hasenpfeffer). Check out Betty in Blunderland – as Betty Boop chases the White Rabbit in a whacko Wonderland fantasy. (huh – go ask Alice, I think she’ll know). Or if you want politically incorrect Hasenpfeffer – whew – here ya go. Speaking of politically incorrect – part three of Jean Renoir’s Rules of the Game offers a brutal old school Europe rabbit hunt. The film – created by the famous painter’s son (Auguste Renoir is the painter… Jean Renoir, director) is all about LOVE – and it is not about rabbits, though they have some bit parts. (and their parts are blown to bits too). And of course – there is more stuff to watch for National Rabbit Day – but make sure you check out Doggone Tired, a Tex Avery classic cartoon you might have missed.

The Tax Man’s Video Vault

April 14, 2005

Ding Ding Ding… April 15th…. taxes are due, or maybe your like Granny who would say….”Jed let me get my gun, it’s the revenue man!” LikeTelevision has a bunch of fun content related to our favorite folks – tax men. Yes… even back in ancient times, people always loved the tax collectors. Why one of them even went on to become saint and write a Gospel (St. Matthew)… so let’s cut the IRS some slack… while you’re cutting them a check.

Anyway, we dug deep into our video vault to find some terrific entertainment related to the Tax Man. First on the list has got to be – Jed pays His Taxes starring Irene Ryan as Granny and Buddy Ebsen as Jed in a Hillbilly comedy classic. And speaking of comedy – by all means check out 2 killer episodes of the Burns and Allen Show – The Tax Man and Property Tax Assessor. And lest we forget – sometimes its the Treasury Department who acts as the toughest cop – remember, it was the Tax Man who ultimately took down notorious gangster Al Capone, a.k.a. Scarface – on October 19, 1931. All right, if you’re like me… you like to grumble when you pay your taxes – so make sure you check out this FREE PREVIEW from My Man Godfrey, where Eugene Pallette, of the the greatest grumblers of all time – tells his family that they are spending 50% of his money while the revenue department is taking out just 60% of his income. Yes… it is hard to believe – but indeed that was the tax hit many years ago… in fact it was even much higher at its peak, especially when you added federal, local and property taxes to the pie. I guess that makes me feel a little bit better. Time to sign off… singing one of my my favorite Beatles tunes by the late great George Harrison – Tax Man.

behind the scenes – update city

April 13, 2005

Lots of work going on behind the scenes – basically what we might call digital janitor mode, where duty takes on a new meaning. But as in all things – making the site as tidy as possible is a noble enterprise and certainly helps out with the speed and quality of the experience. So – i hope you are enjoying the benefits.

Virtually all the work involved is things you as a user will never see – however, you can view the updates to the movie page, where we added a bunch more movie titles in the “slot machine” line-up. huh? you say…. well, spin the wheels by just clicking the movie channel. You can either refresh the page (Ctrl+F5) or just keep clicking the movie channel link, and you will see what we mean by the slot machine. We do our best to try and weight the selections by quality and what folks enjoy, as well as adding new titles when they become available.

yada, yada, yada – back to digital janitor mode… lots to do.

Richard Pryor – Fighting Machine

April 8, 2005

Here’s a fun movie for everyone, just in time for the weekend. The movie was called either Black Brigade or Carter’s army and has an impressive list of black actors who star in the made for tv low budget war movie. Richard Pryor stars as Jonathan, who is a soldier ready to go AWOL for most of the movie. Billy Dee Williams plays a tough guy from the streets of Harlem, and Rosie Grier plays Big Ed (not to be confused with Big Jim). This rag tag group of fighting men is led by Stephen Boyd as Captain Carter – who has one of the most annoying fake cajun accents you have ever heard. (if you recognize the face – he played Messala in Ben Hur, the evil former friend of Judah Ben-Hur who has all the fancy spikes on his chariot). The movie is for the most part pretty entertaining – though at times the dialogue or concept of a scene might be so contrived you just feel like saying – Oh Brother. If you want to check out a better Black Culture film – by all means try this one – Brother From Another Planet.

Pope John Paul Vatican’s Live video Feed

April 7, 2005

Even someone who is an athesist (someone who denies the existence of god) or agnostic (people who believe we cannot know whether or not a God exists) has got to be impressed that a man can draw over 4 million to his funeral. While doing some reseach – i found the American Atheists are tad upset by all the buzz (Atheists: No Public Money For Bush Papal Funeral Junket – April 5, 2005 News Release) – while the Agnostics just don’t know what to think – hahaha. The passing of Pope John Paul II was expected – he has been ill for some time now – yet the outpouring of emotion and the massive pilgrimage to honor the man has been nothing short of amazing. The world has changed so much during his lifetime – he entered the priesthood at a time when about 1/3 of the priests in Poland had been killed just for being priests. And he lived to see the tyranny of the Nazi and the Communist Governments fold in his native Poland during his lifetime. The more I learn about the man – the more i have come to honor and respect him. I just found a media link at the Vatican’s site to watch the current events – LIVE. Check it out.

WATCH the events LIVE from The Vatican

(REAL: himedlow or Windows Media: himedlow).

Check out the official site of the Vatican for more information about the man and learn more about how they will select the next pope.